Monday, January 25, 2016

In the early 90's when the Cummins turbo diesel was put in the square body dodge pick up. The square body dodge pick up changed in 94 to a "big rig" look. The reason for this is that the because the Cummins gave the dodge pick up truck a much needed motor improvent the cummins gave the dodge pickup truck the heavy load hauler look. This style lasted until 03 when the front grill and bumper where changed to a more moderan look. In 07 they changed the grill and bumper.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The start of the cummins

Cummins turbo diesel has made history in the diesel world. Cummins first starting building straight 6 /5.9 liter turbo diesel for a dodge 2500 and 3500 in 1989. A lot of those trucks where prototypes and are hard to find. Although in 1990's the cummins turbo diesel was mass produced in the dodge pick up truck. Throughout the years of these motors have changed by injection pump and number of valves pre cylinder. Also the year 89-91 had no intercoolers to cool the air produced off the turbo from then on intercoolers where factor. The 89-93 had a VE rotary injection pump. Then from 94-early 98.5 had a had the most iconic injection pump from its time P7100 injection pump.These years had a all mechanical injection pump and 12 valves in 2 pre cylinder. Then from the late 98.5 to 02 had a not so famous vp44 electronically controlled injection and the late 98.5 the cummins are all  24 valves 4 pre cylinder. From 03 to present have whats called a cp3 injection pump. This pump is controlled electronically controlled as well. This pump is the fastest cummins injection pump made. Although injection pumps are the same in 07.5 cummins made a 6.7 straight 6 cylinder because of the EPA emission requirements. That sums up the basic cummins history.