Monday, April 11, 2016

The downfalls in a cummins

A Cummins engine has a really low rpm range witch is nice but for performance reasons it can really be a pain. A stock Cummins will only turn about 3200 rpm. A Cummins can turn 4000 no problem with some kind of turner or programmer. When you are trying to build a big horsepower Cummins you want some higher rpm's. Many high horsepower trucks turn 5000 rpms so they can spool there monster turbos. For a Cummins to turn high rpms you need to have the fuel to support it. This means a monster injection pumps to put the fuel into the injectiors that need to be able to put the fuel into the cylinder. Witch mean lots of money to buy these parts or if you have your own extruder to bore the holes in your stock injectiors out. Those big injection pump or pumps your gonna are really expensive because they have to precision made with no defaults. The next expense is the billet internal for your engine cause stock bottom end and pistons arent gonna handle much over 1300 hp witch seams like to much but once you get hook your set.