Monday, March 14, 2016

Why a cummins engine is so simple.

The Cummins turbo diesel is very simple for these reasons. The first reason is being that it only has 6 cylinders. A only having 6 cylinders means it has a better bore to stroke ratio, very simple design with straight flow of the motor. The bore to stroke ratio in a Cummins makes the motor have lots of torque and efficiency. The bore to stroke ratio is very important when trying to produce lots of torque in an engine. This ratio means that the size of the piston and the length of how far the piston moves is the bore to stroke. In a Cummins motor the bore to stroke is also the same roughly 4 inches both ways. The Cummins motor has a very simple design with how the injection and exhaust flow almost in a straight design. This makes the Cummins engine very simple and gives it good flow to be efficient. The better the flow of the engine the better efficient its gonna have. The flow of the motor also increased the amount performance the motor has.  

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