Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The performance upgrades to your Cummins trubo diesel

A Cummins turbo diesel motor comes with a pretty good hp and tq from the factory. But who wants to settle for a stock Cummins, your grandpa? The first thing to do with your Cummins is get more fuel to the injectors. So for your 1st gen you loosin some screw and a special wrench since its all mechanical. Your 2 gen p pump you would remove or get a different size fuel plate then take the govern arm off or adjust is movement. For you 2nd gen 24v vp44 stick a real nice turner or programmer on it and the same for you 3rd and 4th gen Cummins. The next upgrade is a turbo and bigger injectors. The reason for turbo is to give you more boost and to keep your exhaust gas temperature down. The reason to the bigger injectors at the same time is to be able to spool up your turbo to produce boost and power faster. The injectors can me measured in hp witch is the amount of injection pump horsepower it can support or percentage over stock size. Doing these preformance upgrades can cost any where from $1000 to $5000 depending on what quality you get and the year of your Cummins.

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