Sunday, March 6, 2016

The 3rd generation Cummins turbo diesel

The 3rd generation Cummins turbo diesel started 2003 to 2007.5. The 3rd generation Cummins has not changed much besides some front end body style and the newer moderan body style. The 3rd gen was a 5.9 liter straight 6 cylinder turbocharged engine with a modern CP3 injection pump. The 3rd gen CP3 injection pump is the fastest injection pump that's been strapped  to a Cummins engine. The CP3 injection pump is all electronically controlled pump. The 3 gen really was the start of what can we do to change the program to make it flow more fuel. The CP3 pump is controlled by a computer that has parameters that can be changed make the injection come alive. The parameters can be changed to make the motor turn certain rpms. In 2006 the Cummins was the power house of the dodge 2500 and 3500 mega cab 4 door truck. The 3rd generation Cummins was a power house that will always be used for its power.

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